The Blog

Ever wondered the best way to travel with your dog? Or how to give pills to your cat who just hates taking medication? And just what is that leptospirosis vaccine your vet keeps asking you if you want?

We’ll cover all of these questions, and many others in the coming months. Sometimes we’ll have videos, sometimes just short posts, all explaining the different ways to help your pet stay healthy and happy! We’ll even give you a look beyond the exam room door – what “the back” looks like and exactly what a dental cleaning for your pet might look like.

Thanks for reading!

The Clinic

North Seattle Veterinary Clinic is an independently owned family and companion veterinary clinic near Northgate Mall in Seattle, WA. We see cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice, and even the occasional hedgehog! Our staff strive to provide the best care for your fuzzy family members, offering a wide variety of services – from annual wellness visits to anesthetic dental procedures, we cover your pet from nose to tip of their tail!

So come and meet us (and the three live-in clinic cats – Loretta, Wentworth, and Oscar) today and let us know what we can do to make your pet’s healthcare journey the best it can possibly be!



North Seattle Veterinary Clinic is not a specialty clinic and can only take emergency visits when the schedule allows. If your pet is experiencing a healthcare emergency, please take your pet to one of the following emergency clinics: